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Nutrition Tips For Supporting Your Immune System

Nutrition Tips For Supporting Your Immune System

Vitamin A

Beta carotene from orange and green coloured plants and retinol from liver and cod liver oil is crucial for the first line of defence that patrols our mucus membranes lining the respiratory tract.

Vitamin C

Needed for immune cell functions, prevent and treat respiratory and systemic infections and heal damaged tissues. Fresh raw fruits, vegetables and herbs are best sources – in case of infection supplementation is necessary.

Vitamin D

The “sunshine vitamin” regulates every step of our immune responses and deficiencies have been linked to both autoimmunity and frequent infections. Foods such as eggs, butter and mushrooms have very low amounts, supplementing with cod liver oil or enhanced omega 3 capsules are necessary in Ireland as we experience very little sunshine.


Enhance the immune response against viruses and protect our cells from the oxidative damage during this noble fight. Brazil nuts are the best source – 3 a day can supply you with the right levels. Fish, brown rice and cottage cheese are also rich sources.


Is the key to turn on white blood cell creating machinery, without it we cannot make enough immune cells. Shellfish – especially oysters, fish, pumpkin seeds, pecans and brown rice are best sources. In case of digestive problems supplementation is necessary.

Bone Broth

a.k.a. the “Jewish penicillin” – rich in collagen and molecules from the bone marrow, this tasty soup has long been known as immune supporting convalescence enhancer. Bones cooked with vegetables, herbs and garlic for 4-6 hours then sieved and sipped hot – often part of fasting practices to re-boot the immune system.


The choice of ancient Romans; contains allicin and sulphur-compounds to boost the disease-fighting responses of certain white blood cells when encountering viruses. Studies show garlic may reduce the frequency and severity of colds and flues. It is best to crush and leave for 10 minutes to activate its medicinal properties, then add to foods at the end or eat it raw mixed in butter or olive oil.


This fruit can work like some antiviral drugs. It helps to prevent the virus from spreading around your body and it modulates your immune system to fight when needed and turn off when the threat is over.

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